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Trees in windy or stormy conditions can cause power cuts. Let us work together to keep the power on. Your power supply may be disrupted when trees or branches break, damaging poles, power lines, or other structures. Similarly, when conditions are dry, trees near power lines can cause serious fires.

Horizon Networks puts your safety first.

Trees that come into contact with power lines are an instant safety hazard. If you touch a tree made ‘‘live” by a power line it could cause injury or even death by electrocution. Trees MUST be kept away from power lines.

Dangers of Cutting Trees Near Power Lines

Cutting and trimming trees near power lines is dangerous. Touching the live power line or a tree close to the line, can result in serious injury or even death by electrocution.

Under the Electricity Regulations, no person is permitted within four metres of a power line without approval. In the Eastern Bay of Plenty region, this approval can only be granted by Horizon Networks.

An approved contractor must be used if any part of the tree is within four metres of the power lines.

Let’s work together to keep trees away from power lines

Think before you plant! Serious consideration should be given to the species and placement of trees on your property to ensure they do not interfere with the power lines now and in the future.

Remember – that lovely little shrub you planted may become a five-metre monster in a few years!

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