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Horizon Energy Group is proud to be 100% locally owned. This pride is supported by the fact that we live in the communities we work in. The success of our business directly impacts the level of positive effect we can have on our communities and the environment. Horizon Energy Group has a strong commitment to making a positive difference in our community through sponsorship.

The substantial community sponsorship we commit to are a natural extension of this and are a testament to our conviction. There are no two ways about it, Horizon Energy Group plays a critical role in keeping the “wheels” of our communities turning. This is our genuine and earnest responsibility and in our personal interest – something we will never take lightly.

Horizon Energy Group has determined that when entering into a sponsorship or partnership agreement, with a third party, that its staff will take all practical care to associate with an activity or event that mutually supports Horizon Energy Group’s wider strategy, vision, brand, and objectives.








Sponsorship Objectives

The Group’s objectives when sponsoring or procuring sponsorship for an activity or event, but not exclusively, are:

  • Raising the profile of the Group with target audiences;
  • Grow the reputation of the Group’s capabilities;
  • Demonstrate the Group as a socially and culturally responsible organisation;
  • Building engagement with communities of interest; and
  • Enhancing the financial stability of an event or activity.

Types of Sponsorship

Where possible, all sponsorships are to be industry exclusive. It is also preferred that Horizon Energry Group holds the naming rights to the activity or event, but this is not essential. Horizon Energy Group will not sponsor, and this is not an exhaustive list, events/activities that support or are, for example:

  • Overtly religious;
  • Sexually exploitative;
  • Promote gambling; or
  • Drinking or drug taking.

Applying for Sponsorship

If you are interested in approaching Horizon Energy Group for sponsorship, please forward your application / request / proposal in writing to Horizon Energy Group, PO Box  281, Whakatane 3158 or email SwitchedOn@hegroup.nzSupporting documentation such as proposal documents can also be attached to your  application. Sponsorship approaches will not be considered without a formal application / request / proposal.

Responding to Applicants

While this is not always possible, Horizon Energy Group appreciates receiving sponsorship applications / requests / proposals with a minimum lead time of three months. Applicants will be notified in writing shortly after final decisions are made and successful applicants will be asked to enter into signed formal agreements.

Performance of Sponsorships and Benefits

A schedule of agreed benefits and performance expectations will be agreed to with each sponsored organisation. These may include:

  • Signage and profile;
  • Regular reporting and feedback;
  • Participation of key Horizon Energy Group stakeholders at quantified number of events;
  • Market recognition of Horizon Energy Group's support;
  • Access to other sponsor organisations.; and
  • Access to key stakeholders.

Branding Criteria

Where Horizon Energy Group is a sponsor, any use of the Horizon Energy Group brand must be approved by the Marketing and Communications Manager. Horizon Energy Group employs strict brand guidelines and compliance with our brand guidelines is a requirement. Where possible, Horizon Energy Group will provide approved artwork / logos that can be used.