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The Horizon Energy Group safety programme, “Act Safe, Work Safe Live Safe” aims to ensure all staff have healthy lives in and out of the work place. Safety to us is about making work a place where people arrive healthy and leave healthy – with everyone contributing to workplace safety.  We have a firm "No induction. No start" policy.

We continue to provide everyone with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to make Horizon Energy Group a safe place to work.

The programme is underpinned by a number of business activities and is reinforced with:

  • Comprehensive induction, training, mentoring and coaching of employees;
  • The provision of safety documentation, processes and safe work procedures on-site; and
  • Cultural change management – ensuring engagement and buy-in from management through to the frontline.

While generated from a responsibility and desire to protect employees from workplace injury, the Horizon Energy Group safety programme also makes good business sense.  Injury-free workplaces improve productivity allowing us to deliver better service to our customers.

Horizon Energy Group operates a Health and Safety Committee to monitor and review compliance with the Group’s occupational health and safety policies and procedures. A monthly report is made to the Board on health and safety matters.

As well as offering a collection of general safety tips to keep you and your family safe, Horizon Energy Group provides a full range of network safety services. Our comprehensive health and safety system meets the requirements of AS / NZS4801:2001 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

With safety being the operative word, at Horizon Energy Group we do not cut corners. We take safety seriously.