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Headquartered in the Netherlands, a production-facility in Belgium and worldwide an intensive network of dealers and distributors, Storex B.V. is a private owned company, manufacturer of controlled atmosphere (CA) equipment, carbon dioxide-absorbers / nitrogen-generators, analysers, ethylene converters and supplier of total CA-solutions. Their technology is used / implemented worldwide and is the most innovative and advanced now available.

As we continue to grow our portfolio of products for the refrigeration, automation and CA industry, we are pleased to announce being granted the exclusive distribution rights for Storex B.V. trademarked products.

CoolLogic General Manager Peter MacMillan says that this agreement fits in well with the industries CoolLogic current serve and will support the businesses expansion activities. “The new partnership with Storex B.V. marks an important addition to the CoolLogic portfolio of products. Through the distribution of the Storex B.V range of products, CoolLogic is able to expand their offering into a wider market,” says MacMillan.

“Together, we are stronger as one and the synergy of our actions more powerful. We are passionate about our business and know that our ability to be successful begins with reflecting and partnering with organisations that share our vision and values.”

Storex B.V. Director Peter Kooijman is pleased to sign this exclusive distribution agreement with CoolLogic to support the growing CA market in New Zealand. “We are confident in working with an experienced team who has a great understanding of their market and customer base. Our mission is to serve the New Zealand fruit warehouses with the best CA technology for the best fruit quality.”

The partnership with Storex B.V is a milestone for CoolLogic and expands the range of solutions.

CoolLogic is currently developing the necessary online presence for Storex B.V. products that will be available in the New Zealand market. In the meantime, if you are interested in obtaining more information about CA solutions, or any other products or services, please visit​​​​​​​.